Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fire Station Field Trip

 Checking out a child's heart with a firemen in the ambulance.
 This is what a fireman would look like if he was coming in to save you in a fire.  Don't be afraid.  Make lots of noise and let him find you.
 TTH AM Class Picture
MWF PM Class Picture
 MWF AM Class Picture
We got to go inside a firetruck!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Coming soon.....Fire Station Field Trip Pictures

As soon as I can get them loaded, we'll see what happened at the Fire Station.  The men and women of our own Hermiston Fire Department do an amazing field trip for our classes.  We learn about being safe, what to do if the fire department ever needs to come to our house and help us, and not to be afraid if the firemen come into our house.

We also love spraying the fire hose.  What an awesome experience the Hermiston Fire Department provides for our preschool.

Thanks to all of our parents who so willingly drive our children to and from our field trips and stay to help us do this wonderful activity!

February has come and almost gone, lets check out what we've been up to...

 We discovered, while learning about Jonah and the Whale, that the longest whale on record could hold all of us and more.  God had an amazing plan for Jonah and He has an amazing plan for us too!
 Grandpa Ed helped us make our very own crosses to take home.  This was the week we learned about Boy Jesus and how He was a carpenter with His father Joseph.
 We've been creating amazing structures.  Sometimes there are 6 to 10 children working together to make the "Wood Factory".
 Another day of the "Wood Factory" creation.
 We also learned about Noah's Ark.  These children created their own Ark and added their own animals.
 And what is Valentine's Day without beautiful pink play dough?
 We practiced our cutting and put hearts in size order to make a Valentine message too!
And, many of us enjoyed learning about The Woman and the Well.  Pastor made this "real" well for us to understand what it was like to bring water from the ground instead of through pipes in our house.